We roll out the red carpet for them, figuratively speaking, that is! We provide, brand new toys, fun music, changing stations, pack-and-plays, disinfecting cleaners, and anything that makes the area more fun and safe for the kids to ensure your child has a positive experience.

  • Birth through age 3 are in the nursery theater.
  • 4yrs – 5yrs and Kindergarten are in the Early Childhood theater (Preschool/Kindergarten).
  • 1st Grade to 5th Grade are in the River Kids theater.

A leader at the door of your child’s area will meet you. You MUST show your pick-up ticket to the leader.

If you happen to lose the ticket that you received during check-in, go to the Kids Check-in station. The Experience Host will look up your information in our check-in system. Your driver’s license must be shown to verify your identity.

The unique code you received during check-in on your ticket that matches your child(ren)’s nametag code(s) will be displayed on the main experience screen and you will receive a text on your cell phone. Simply head to the Kids Check-in area in the foyer. The Experience Host will inform you of the situation and, if needed, will escort you to your child.

Go to the Kids Check-in Station. The Experience Host will help you check-out your child by notifying a leader in your child’s theater that you are ready to pick him/her up. You MUST show your receipt that matches your child’s name tag.

The areas for ages 3 and up will NOT serve snacks or drinks at this time. In the nursery (ages birth-2 yrs), our leaders are careful to make sure a child sits down with a leader while receiving food and drink items from home to ensure items are not accidentally shared. During check-in, please make sure you ask for a label for all diaper bags, bottles, sippey cups, food containers, etc. (Labels are printed with the child’s nametag.)

We understand that your child’s safety and comfort is important! Go ahead and check-in your child at the check-in stations in the lobby. Ask the Experience Host for a Guest Pass to enter a child’s area. As soon as your child is acclimated, we ask that you head to the Worship Center and enjoy the experience. Please return the Guest Pass to the Experience Host at the Kids Check-in Station.

In the Preschool and Kindergarten room, we use Radiant Life curriculum because Preschool lessons are firmly rooted in God’s Word—and they always will be! It has both DVD and live action components. Of course, an element of free play is also fun for this age group! In the River Kids Church, we use curriculum called “Faith Case” which has DVD, small group and live action elements. We also use worship songs from Hillsong Kids and Shout Praises Kids. In the nursery, we use Radiant Life curriculum that incorporates seeing, hearing, touching, and moving so the little ones can begin to learn about Jesus. We also use soothing and fun praise and worship music and make sure your child is handled with loving care!

We’d love to get to know you and see if you’re a good fit for our team! You’ll need to attend DISCOVER TRA first. There is an interview and background check process, as well. Click on the link below to get registered for DISCOVER TRA. We’d love to see you there!