Life Coaching - guidance for pursuing God while living life to its fullest!

Life Coaching + God = Spiritual Coaching

What is Spiritual Coaching?

We call it “spiritual coaching” but you could call it counseling, life coaching, or finding health and wholeness for your inner life, for your soul. It’s all the same!

Is it Necessary?

Life is similar to sports, it’s difficult to analyze your own swing. It takes an objective observer to see the things we can’t. And there’s even a story in the Bible about how it works. (38 min.)

Can I Be a Spiritual Coach?

Read the material on this page and if you’re still interested, listen to the Spiritual Coaching Podcast created to train potential coaches. It will answer a few questions.

Let’s Talk About Forgiveness

What Forgiveness Is… And Is Not

Reading for Change, Health, & Knowing God!

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Set Boundaries

    Expose Lies

Emotional Health

Live Purposefully

Know & Do God’s Will

Who Am I in Christ?

Who Am I in Christ?

Break Free

Delayed Answers

Read the Bible

 Help with Common Questions About Doing Life with God!

Created for You by Pastor Kerry

Chocolate Soldiers: Do you melt in battle or survive heroically?

Listen, Hear, Do: The lost art of recognizing God’s Voice

A short study on knowing when God is and is not leading us, so that we can grow our relationship with him, and live in the center of his will.

Reading for Spiritual Growth & Knowing God

Older Books, Fresh Ideas, Great Reading – Buy Used!

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Help with Making the Changes You Value!

Are You Looking for the Coaching Homework?

How To Talk to God