Lead A Group

Tips & Instructions

Tips For Leading Online

  1. Create Discussion

    1. How are people doing?

    2. What are the struggles?

    3. What’s been going well?

    4. How have people been using their time?

  2. Share Encouraging Scripture

    1. What does this verse mean for us today?

    2. How can we use it to add value to our situation right now?

  3. Pray Together

    1. How can we pray for each other?

    2. What breakthroughs need to happen in people’s lives?


ZOOM is a group video call app that allows easy group video calling for free. You can download the ZOOM application free from your smartphone app store or on a computer by searching “ZOOM” video call download.


Download the free ZOOM app

  1. Once the app is open, create an account (you can use a facebook or google account if you’d like)
  2. At the top of the screen, there are 4 icons. New meeting, join, schedule, and share screen. Click “Schedule”.
  3. Name your meeting in the first box
  4. Next, set the start time and length of meeting to 45 minutes 
  5. You DO NOT need to click “Use personal meeting ID”
  6. TURN OFF “Required Meeting Password”
  7. Select “Host Video On”
  8. Select “Participant Video On” 
  9. Click Done in the top right corner
  10. To find the MEETING ID to send to people, click the ‘meetings’ icon at the bottom of the screen
  11. Your Meeting ID will be displayed next to your scheduled event – Send this Meeting ID to anyone you would like to invite. When the time comes, all they will have to do is enter the Meeting ID to Join.
  12. Make sure you give people the MEETING ID and NOT your PERSONAL MEETING ID. They are two different things.
  13. We recommend starting your call 5 minutes before the scheduled start time