It is in our DNA that every member is a minister. God designed you on purpose with a purpose. You are uniquely prepared for this season, right now is your moment to shine! The next step in our movement is for you to host an underground gathering of Two Rivers Church.


As Coronavirus has disrupted nearly everything, we are simply going underground! The church all around the world gathers in smaller settings to worship Jesus because they aren’t able to gather in a larger context. These smaller gatherings of the church have been called the underground church. Two Rivers Church is unleashing the power of the underground church in response to this worldwide crisis!

Two Rivers Church has always been a growing family of local church communities with a heart for people everywhere. From our inception we have been teaching that our church is not a program, it is a group of people in relationship; relationship with God and relationship with each other. We call these groups of people that are in relationship with God and each other, faith communities. Our vision has always been a multiplying church that meets in many locations. We see a church that meets all over New York and the Northeast. This moment in time has accelerated our vision to multiply! In response to the Coronavirus outbreak we aren’t canceling church, we are rapidly multiplying!

Church can never be cancelled, because we are the church! Wherever you are is where the church is. Right now, we are one church in 500 locations. Our vision has always been to be a movement rather than a fixed building. As a church we have a vision for hundreds of faith communities. That is why we developed a multiplying culture right from the beginning. We launched our first meetings as a mobile church, mobile is in our DNA. We then began launching new faith communities in Endicott, Cortland, Corning, and Ithaca. The next step in multiplication has been thrust upon us! Now we are commissioning you to host underground faith communities all over the Northeast!

What is an Underground Church?

These home based experiences are smaller gatherings of a few friends who will participate in worship, read the Word, discuss the message, and close their time with some food and prayer together. These home communities include a scaled back music atmosphere, aesthetic, and are resourced through live online interactions with Pastor Will and hundreds of other underground locations all over upstate NY. Messages and music will be broadcasted through an online resource. Underground hosts work to develop a life-giving community and equip people to love each other well as we lead people to Jesus! In short, underground communites worship together, eat together, and care for each other as needs become evident.

The Underground Community has three major functions:

1) Focus on Jesus – Worship Together

An underground location is intended as a small gathering for worship, prayer, scriptural encouragement, and practical discussion that leads people to Jesus. Throughout history the people of God have always gathered together, even in the darkest of times because when we lead each other to Jesus we find LIFE!

2) Create Community – Eat Together

An underground location is a way to bring a life-giving community to a world starved for connection. When you gather together take time to eat and enjoy each other’s company.

3) Care for Each Other – Live Generously

An underground location becomes a care station when trouble looms, resources become scarce, or people have immediate needs. When we gather together people of faith naturally provide a safety net for each other. Our love for Jesus leads us to sacrifice for each other when we are in community together.

Invest in the Kingdom by investing in your community.

Two Rivers Church is a steadily growing move of God. What we have seen God accomplish in our short history is incredible, with thousands of people choosing to follow Jesus in that brief history. TRC exists to be a loving, relevant, life-giving church. Our heartbeat is delivering the timeless truth of the Bible in a timely fashion, through the use of culturally relevant media, encouraging and authentic messages from God’s Word, and dynamic kids’ environments.

The best way that we can continue to reach more people is by opening new underground locations. A major part of this process is discovering people who are passionate about leading people to Jesus and who desire to become part of this incredible move of God in those new communities!

If you are interested to host an underground location, let know that you are IN. We look forward to talking with you about leading people to Jesus!