In November of 2010, Will & Crystal Hampton began to feel God’s leading to start a new church in Binghamton, NY.  After Thanksgiving Day, on a nine hour trip home from Cincinnati, OH to Springfield, MO they began to dream about what a life-giving church would look like.

They wanted a church where people could be themselves.  Where people could look like, act like, talk like, vote like, or smell any way they want.  A church where our individuality could be expressed in a Biblical framework.  A church where people could experience a life changing encounter with God through authentic community with real people.

People whom God is desperately running after.

People who are imperfect, realize it, and don’t pretend to be otherwise.  People who are on a journey of faith, and know from experience that journey doesn’t always look as beautiful and nice as we’d hoped.  People in all stages of life.

Real people. On real journeys.

They wanted a church that would never be content looking inward at itself, but would always exist to serve those who were not yet a part of it.  A church full of people who gave sacrificially to each other.  A church that was known for what it stood for instead of what it stood against.

A church that made an impact in the two rivers area.  One that would be missed if it wasn’t there.

A church where faith is not about what we do at church rather what we do with the rest of our lives.  A church that is not driven by programs but is a living breathing organism because it is us and what we do every day.

Most of all a church where people’s lives were transformed.

Only a few years later, and we now believe that this vision doesn’t  just belong to them.  This vision is shared by many more people than we can imagine.

Maybe you’ll be one of them.  Come find out.