It’s as easy as Attend, Discover, Commit and Lead!


Let’s be honest, the prospect of attending church can be daunting. And, if you don’t know what to expect or if past experiences with church were negative, we may never see you! We understand this and had you in mind when we designed our Sunday Experience. We’ve made it easy for you to investigate us and experience God. We suggest that you visit at least 3 times before you decide if you’ll keep coming or not. It takes that long to get to know us. Once you’ve come 3 times we consider you family. Welcome home! You can Plan A Visit by clicking the link.


We want to help your discover more about yourself, TRC and God. Once you’ve started coming (Plan A Visit here), your next step is to attend the NEXT Steps Lunches! How easy is that? These sessions help you discover how to engage with us, our mission and our God. As you’re investigating those sessions you can also start to employ other resources that we provide to help you pursue heath and change, the kind that’s accompanied by lasting hope!

  • Are you wondering about how to become a follower of Jesus, go to (RE)Consider Jesus.
  • Already made a fresh start and want to know about how to have a relationship with God? Go to Watch & Read.
  • Trying to break an addiction? Visit Brand New.
  • Need prayer? Simply Ask for Prayer!

There’s much to discover, and a lot of help to be found!


So, you’re attending TRC and are knee-deep in the discovery phase of NEXT Steps… or not. Doesn’t matter! Whenever you’re ready to commit you can take the step to…

  • Join a small group,
  • Serve with others on a team,
  • Give of your valuable time, skills, experiences, passions and money to our cause.

It’s up to you when you take the plunge, but the plunge is not optional for genuine Christ-followers. These are commitments that all those who are serious about following Jesus make, and we have them all available for you. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Are you ready to engage with us on our mission of transforming our world by leading people to Jesus?


Ever felt like your life was missing something? Like you could become more than you are? Maybe that something you’re feeling is God calling you to a leadership role in the church? Maybe the idea of an career in ministry has crossed your mind… and your heart! Whether it’s leading a small group or leading a new church plant, we have a place for you to start to work through your questions and find some answers… and help get to wherever “there” is! You can begin by fully engaging with both the “Discover” and “Commit” steps in our NEXT Steps process. Beyond that, try…

  • Lead a small group (link),
  • Attend a quarterly leadership event (link),
  • Apply for the TRC Leadership Academy (link)!

Each of these places will help you studytrain, and do ministry. Before you know it you will have embraced life in a way you never dreamed of, or exactly the way you dreamed!


If you’re still not sure what your next step is, let us help you!