Questions & Answers About Spiritual Coaching 

Your life doesn’t have to be in a mess to come in but… When our painful past is left as is, it endangers and degrades our present and reduces and derails our future. Until all that is defused, our wounds, unforgiveness, and coping mechanisms will remain in play. And when our past is in control we struggle to find the needed freedom to live well in the present.

This is one good reason to let us help you Get Well by Defusing Your Past!

You don’t have to be out of touch with the real you to come in but… Wounding submerges the true us behind the mask of the false-self and our pain-numbing “medicine” of choice. To appreciate ourselves means we treasure who we were made to be. Vulnerability will engage in a discovery process that gets us in touch with the true us. When discovery leads to healing we can shed the “masks” and “medicine” we hide behind, freeing us to live authentically.

This is one good reason to let us help you Live Well by Appreciating Your Self!

You don’t have to feel that you are missing your calling to come in but… Once we are well, and know ourselves well, we are free and able to uncover and employ our unique createdness. Until that discovery, life lacks true meaning. When we find our purpose we excel in relationships and initiatives because we choose better and are free to express ourselves instead of suppressing. We are free to follow God’s leading into his unimaginable dream for our lives.

This is one good reason to let us help you Give Well by Pursing Your Purpose.

Do you wonder…

  • “How will spiritual coaching make my life better?”
  • “How can God help me change what I can’t by myself?”
  • “Does God even care about my life and struggles?”
  • “How can God help me excel at home, work, and in life?”
  • “Will God help me overcome what’s long been in my way?
  • “And what the heck is “spiritual coaching” anyway?!”

Is spiritual coaching for you? 

  • Are things going well and you’d like to keep it that way?
  • Do you feel stuck in life and can’t break free?
  • Do you have struggles and don’t know how to cope?
  • Are you unhappy in a relationship(s)?
  • Could you use some help dealing with betrayal?
  • Are you willing to admit you are part of the problem?

If any of those questions remotely touch your reality,
we are making progress!
Keep scrolling!

“Imagine feeling like there is no hope. You have talked to everyone but no one can fix you… BUT THEN, God places the right person in your life to give you hope, to give you healing and a purpose. I couldn’t be more grateful to Pastor Kerry and the counseling program at Two Rivers Church. Don’t wait! And don’t let your thoughts or fears stand in the way of healing!”


“Kerry helped me dig through some really old wounds and hurts, helping me process and heal and I would recommend it for everyone!!”


“Kerry is a wise and gifted counselor, and I would strongly recommend him if you are considering any kind of life coaching or counseling. I have had the privilege of knowing Kerry for over 4 years, and have benefited from his sage advice and personal friendship. I have been impressed by his witness, his pursuit of holiness, and his prayer life, all of which I have seen firsthand. I am incredibly glad that he has launched his own practice since I know it will be a huge benefit to each person with whom he has contact.”


“I’ve been receiving counseling from Pastor Kerry for several years. Not only have I seen healing and breakthrough in my life but I love how accessible it was. His counseling methods take difficult concepts and steps and make them something anyone can understand.”


I was so hesitant to add this is to my spiritual life after secular counseling was an epic fail and quite damaging, but I am so grateful I did. There was no pressure to jump in the heavy stuff right away, we worked together at a pace that felt comfortable. Kerry has helped me see so many chains I didn’t even know were binding me, the freedom and peace I have gained through spiritual coaching is incredible and has truly helped me live a better life. I am beyond grateful.